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A tankless water heater in Reading, MA is a newer, energy efficient model where the unit does not store any of the liquid that it’s heating. Also called an “on-demand” heater because it only heats up the liquid as you need it, the heating unit can potentially save you up to thirty four percent of your total water heating bill for a regular sized home. This is due to the fact that because it only heats water when activated, there’s no need to keep any liquids stored. So there’s no energy loss with tankless water heaters in Reading, MA. That’s the beauty of working without a storage unit. Available in both gas and electrical forms, these heaters only turn on when homeowners call them for operation, saving you on energy bills. As an added bonus, the Reading tankless water heater is faster, seeing as you don’t need to wait for the water to move through the storage unit. What’s more, a tankless water heater in Reading, MA can also be used for your faucets and dishwasher, providing even more savings on your home’s hot water costs. Although the tankless models are more expensive than the average heater, the energy savings will typically pay for itself within ten years. And over the years, a tankless water heater in Reading, MA will have a much longer lifespan than its counterparts. It will last for roughly twenty years before the parts begin to fail, and even then the pieces can be replaced, extending the life span by ten to fifteen more years. There are few other forms of heating that have the efficiency and longevity of a tankless water heater in Reading, MA, so call today to have a On Call Plumbers worker install one for your home.

Why On Call Plumbers for a Tankless Water Heater in Reading, MA?

On Call Plumbers is one of the leading names for installing a tankless water heater in Reading, MA. This method of heating is super efficient, to the point where it not only operates more effectively, but will also save you money in energy costs. On Call Plumbers knows this, and wants to provide you with the fastest installation for the most reasonable rates available. Our team of highly trained and highly experienced specialists are proud to provide quality service and quality products. Professional staff can come to your home and price out what the installation can cost in writing, and all for no money down. The initial estimate for a Reading tankless water heater is absolutely free. So call On Call Plumbers at (781) 607-7090 to get an idea of not just how much it will cost, but how much you can save.

Common Reasons for a Reading Tankless Water Heater

  • Inconsistent water temperatures from faucets and showers
  • Inadequate or inconsistent water pressure
  • Dishwasher takes too much time or energy to warm up

There’s no better option to heating your home than a tankless water heater in Reading, MA. Not only is it faster, it’s more efficient, and eventually it’s cheaper in the long run. Heating the water in your home has never been easier or more green. A tankless water heater for Reading, MA homes can turn your whole house into a more cost effective residence. So call (781) 607-7090 today and have a licensed On Call Plumbers technician assess your home’s particular needs in regard to tankless water heaters in Reading, MA completely free of charge.

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